We’re delighted to announce the launch of Ruby Stirling, the cosmetic procedure specialists. Our mission is to help you look and feel as good as you possibly can, whether you want to prepare for a special occasion, regain your self-confidence after a lifestyle change or just take good care of yourself.

Over time, our skin becomes less elastic and starts to droop and sag, causing wrinkles and shapelessness. Everyone’s a little different, though, and there are several factors affecting the way we all age. These include smoking, which can restrict the blood supply to the skin and result in the appearance of ‘smokers’ lines’; stress levels; environmental damage from strong sun, cold or wind and, most importantly, your genetic predisposition. While there are several ways in which you can help slow down the aging process, such as eating a healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables, taking plenty of exercise and following a careful skin care routine, these will only help up to a point and won’t reverse any existing damage.

Although some people opt for a surgical facelift to counter the signs of aging, this can be quite a major procedure and involve several weeks of recovery time, which many feel is too big a step to take.

At Ruby Stirling we offer an easy alternative which delivers instant results safely and efficiently. Our team is led by Dr. Sandeep, a qualified doctor whose extensive experience and string of medical qualifications mean you couldn’t be in safer hands.

Cosmetic procedures such as dermal fillers and Botox are a simple way to create the appearance of tighter, smoother, younger-looking skin. With dermal fillers, a specialist injects hyaluronic acid into the areas of your face you want to smooth and sculpt to ‘plump up’ wrinkles and hollows. With Botox, the muscles below the problem areas of skin are relaxed reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Both procedures take only a few minutes, the results are immediate and there’s very little recovery time needed. Both are also temporary, so you can make decisions about when or if you want to repeat them without committing to a permanent new look.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help, do get in touch at 0300 333 6516 or drop us a line at sandeep@rubystirling.co.uk – we’d love to hear from you.